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Unclogging sewage

It sometimes happens that the harmony of everyday life is disturbed by an unexpected event that costs money and wastes energy, just when we last need it.

With the help of our qualified team and modern machinery, we offer the services of:

  • Cleanup - Unclogging sewage pipelines and flushing
  • Recording - Video inspection of sewage pipelines
  • Restoring and repairing of sewage systems, manholes, separators, etc.
  • Testing sewage system

Having in mind that the majority of residential buildings in urban areas were made some time ago, it is their installations, whether it be horizontal or vertical, that are potential sources of problems due to inadequate maintenance or handling. Improperly laid sewage pipes, sanitary equipment or pits for disposal of sewage waste, are the reason for unforeseen expenses. Clogs and grease caused by everyday usage, are the main culprits that can result in full installation replacement, or if they surface in the restoration of the walls and façades of entire buildings. We offer video recording and inspection with professional equipment, as preventative measure for maintenance of your sewerage installations. This method of inspection efficiently and accurately points to causes of clogging and damages in sewage systems, which clearly and precisely defines the required works. Based on that, you can always react promptly and prevent blockage and greater failures. If they do occur, you will require a machine unclogging of sewers.


This action can be divided into several services that we offer.

1) Mechanical unclogging of sewage pipes by using electrical machines
This kind of unclogging is done with cutting-edge machines. We provide unclogging of sanitary sewage and drainage systems, vertical and horizontal. At the same time, the pipe walls are cleaned from grease, dirt, limescale and debris that accumulate with daily use. All the mentioned cleaning services enable functioning of sewage installations.

2) Unclogging with high-pressure water
We offer the service of unclogging and washing sewage installations in residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings by using high-pressure water. This service is done with modern machines with high-pressure water. This technology breaks hard plaque and limescale, which line the walls of pipes, cleaning thoroughly grease and dirt. High-pressure water removes all causes of clogging in rainwater sewage, sanitary sewage, and in all vertical and horizontal pipelines which enables proper functioning of the installations.


Our professional team will at all times respond to your call for restoration and repair of sewage systems, manholes and separators.

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