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Tehnical maintenance

Technical maintenance ensures undisturbed functioning of all infrastructure systems and subsystems of residential or business units, and we provide the services of:

  • Electricians and electro-automatic technicians
  • Plumbers
  • Tilers
  • Air-condition repairmen
  • Knauf dry-construction fitter ili Dry-construction fitter
  • Wall and other painters
  • Construction tinsmiths
  • Plasterers
  • Duct installers (heating, ventilation, etc.)
  • Carpenters (wood, PVC, aluminum)
  • Locksmiths

New residential and industrial units require maintenance only, through regular preventive services of electricians, plumbers, air-conditioner repairmen and duct installers. This service is provided by our professional, skilled and certified workers.
Most of the residential buildings are old, and after years even decades of usage they often require services of our professional teams of plumbers for waterworks repair and maintenance, tilers for restoration of bathrooms and sanitary facilities, painters for renovation and beautification of premises, construction tinsmiths, plasterers, carpenters and locksmiths for the necessary periodic check-ups or solving the existing problems and their successful elimination.

We pay our attention to each of the buildings. Preventive maintenance goes anywhere from checking technical equipment, regularity of appliances, warrantees and expiration dates to repairing and replacing equipment. A reliable partner in this area of maintenance, saves time in terms of timely reaction, but also saves resources that should be invested in prevention of a potential problem. Nowadays, this is the imperative. We especially pay attention to the manufacturer's specification of equipment and spare parts that we use and that we meet, the needed human resources and to the frequency of technical maintenance.
We offer all these services during expansion, restoration, repairs or construction of completely new industrial and residential buildings. We pay particular attention to the finishing works of an interior to keep certain functionality and aesthetic level. For all of these services, in addition to professional teams, we possess adequate professional equipment and machines of the cutting-edge technology.

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