Periodic inspection (PPZ-GI)

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Periodic inspection (PPZ-GI)

We provide recurring preventive inspections of buildings for fire protection, and inspection and control measuring of lightning protection.


Legal frameworks, more specifically Article 2 of the Law on Fire Protection, requires fire protection systems, which includes a set of measures and actions for planning, funding, organizing, implementing and controlling of measures and actions for protection from fire outbreak and spreading, fire detection and fire-fighting, people and property rescue, environmental protection, identification and elimination of fire causes, as well as providing assistance in cleaning up the effects of a fire.


In this area, we offer professional and expert service for inspection of your industrial or residential buildings, as well as control, service and replacement of your fire protection systems, within legally defined deadlines. Our team will be available at your convenience to inspect automatic detection and fire alarm systems, fire-extinguishing system based on spray or hydrant network, fire extinguishers or systems for detection of carbon monoxide.


According to the Law on Fire Protection and regulations on fixed installations for fire detection systems, we also provide periodic inspections of fire panels, ionization, optical and thermo-differentiating fire detectors, as well as light and sound signals.


Lately, we often hear that most common cause of fires are faults in electrical installation; this leads to conclusion that there is a need for their regular control. Legal regulations require that electrical installations are checked after the completion of works, after changes in electrical installation, and also periodically by authorized and skilled personnel.
At your request, our professional teams will do all the necessary measuring, be it measuring and testing insulation resistance or inspection of measurements and testing continuity of the protective conductor, and ground resistance.
Law on Fire Protection and technical standards on protection against lightning require periodic inspection and measuring of the lightning conductor installation.


The preventive inspection consists of full inspection of external lightning conductor installation and measuring ground resistance. These inspections are mandatory and are performed periodically:

  • regular control every 2 years – for protection level 1
  • regular control every 4 years – for protection level 2
  • regular control every 6 years – for protection level 3
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