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Hygiene of business premises is one of the requisites of modern businesses and it is the face of the business of your company, but also brings satisfaction to the employees who spend most of the day in the premises.

In the field of sanitary maintenance of premises and environment, we offer many cleaning services:

Cleaning and hygiene maintenance services

  • Cleaning ladies
  • Housekeepers
  • Support staff (company cafeteria employee, courier, etc.)
  • Manual labour

Specialized cleaning services

  • Construction cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Hospital cleaning
  • Floor protection
  • Internal and external stone protection
  • Removing graffiti

Washing and cleaning of rugs, carpets and furniture

  • In-house washing and cleaning of rugs
  • In-house washing and cleaning of furniture

Washing and cleaning of façades

  • Glass façades
  • Structural façade
  • Façade brick walls
  • and all other façades

Our services include quality arrangement, maintenance, and detailed and careful mechanical and chemical cleaning of your facilities, offices and industrial premises by using modern technology. As per your request we provide services at a time that suits you best, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or at times when you need cleaning before important events or celebrations, or after them.


We can provide professionally trained staff in all above mentioned services so our engagement includes services provided by cleaning ladies and support staff, company cafeteria employees, couriers and manual workers.

If you are planning the construction of new or renovation of existing residential or commercial properties, we provide professional services of construction cleaning upon work completion. The service includes all additional activities after finishing the construction, debris and dust removal, removal of waste materials, cleaning of metal, wood floors and wall surfaces, and washing all the glass parts regardless of their height. We also clean sanitary facilities, terraces, stairs, halls and hospital floors.

We offer hygiene maintenance and general cleaning of your business halls, machinery, warehouses, utility rooms or garages with the cutting-edge industrial vacuum cleaners, high-quality chemical cleaning agents, hot and cold water at high pressure.
If you are planning the start of a new production in a facility that was a warehouse once, we provide detailed elimination of dirt and degreasing with finest chemicals.
The looks of a façade often sends a message about you and your living or business premises to other people, and being busy you are unable to maintain it yourself. You become dissatisfied and eager to change. To keep your residential or commercial property really shiny, we perform all kinds of cleaning services of glass, brick and structural façades, as well as graffiti removal.
You are exposed to dust, mites or even allergens because of carpets and upholsteries, that are often a source of ill health. We offer in-house quality deep dry carpet cleaning or washing with active foam. Pick-up service, washing in our premises and delivery of dry and clean rugs or furniture is also available.

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