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As the very definition says, horticulture is the art or skill of growing flowers, grass, ornamental plants, trees and shrubs, fruits and vegetables, especially in gardens, courtyards or plantations. Nowadays, horticulture can be defined as a branch that deals with active cultivation of plants that people use for food, medical needs or because of their aesthetic value.


In this area we offer services of:

  • Lawn maintenance and mowing
  • Maintenance and care of flowers
  • Maintenance and care of shrubs and hedges
  • Landscaping and planting

Living environment has always required special care and effort, as well as the careful work and planning. Lawn, as an oasis of every yard of residential or commercial building, requires dedicated work, carefully selected treatment and regular maintenance to have it as a front face of your building at all times. In this area, we offer detailed lawn designing and shaping, grass selection, planning additional elements, their continuous enrichment and care. If you already have a lawn, our people will make sure it is always groomed, watered and neat. If you are planning a lawn, we offer a full service of designing the space, its shapes, lanes, and the selection of crops. A lawn is only a part of the mirror / face of your residential or commercial space.


Nowadays, there are practically no limitations in garden design, but it largely depends on a taste and scale of its planning and cultivating. Sometimes, only minor changes are enough for it to shine in a new splendor, small renovation of wooden details or adding stones or water elements (fountains) that fit the size of your garden.


Garden lanes are a trademark of every garden, they add to shapes and volumes, and as such they require precise design and implementation, wherein special attention should be paid to the choice of materials, their width and color which adds to the balance of the garden. In this regard, we offer design, implementation, monitoring and subsequent maintenance services.


If there is a part of the garden of your residential or business space that you are not particularly proud of, we offer planting, cleaning, mowing, grooming hedges or hiding those parts that you do not wish to be visible.


Often busy with modern lifestyle duties, we do not have enough time for our gardens, and the economic crisis forced us to direct resources to other needs instead of to the garden maintenance. Modern technology enabled us to minimize the maintenance costs that will result in your maximum satisfaction.


After seeing the terrain, discussing your wishes and plans, and taking measurements, we will offer you the project design depending on the garden area.


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