Waterworks and sewerage installations

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Waterworks and sewerage installations


One of the areas that is very sensitive because it requires good planning, dedication in designing and construction works, is the waterworks and sewerage installations. Once set installation is very difficult to change and it requires additional energy and resources.


We can offer expertise and professional services related to:

  • Installation works on internal branching between sanitary and industrial sewage system
  • Installation works on internal and external branching between sanitary and industrial water, as well as branching of fire hydrant network
  • Installation of equipment to increase water pressure in the fire hydrant network
  • Installation of equipment which belongs to various waterworks and sewerage network
  • Installation of sanitary appliances

Proper planning of sewerage and waterworks installations in a building which is being constructed, adapted or restored is of great importance for the future use of the building and the quality of life in it. It is necessary to pay attention to the materials, type of pipes and their diameter, quality of valves, choice of hydrants, and the choice of sanitary appliances to be used in the project finalization.

The matter of aesthetics is particularly sensitive, because mentioned installations are in areas where they are expected not to be visible or apparent. For that reason, these installations are located within the walls or floors, and are not easily accessible for adjustments. Inadequate installation could lead to unforeseen expenses at a later stage.

In the case of construction of new buildings we provide all services, from design, selection of appropriate pipes and materials, to the construction works and finally, installation of sanitary appliances, while in the case of adaptation or renovation of the existing building we can also offer removal of existing waterworks and sewerage.


In addition to these services, we also provide services of full installation of fire sprinkler system, fire hydrants, nozzles, hydra-cell pumps and distribution boards to increase water pressure.


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