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Supervision of construction works

In addition to design and construction services, we offer professional supervision during all construction phases and works related to residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Professional supervision is related to site preparation, construction and finishing works, setting up installations, facilities and equipment, and all other works carried out during the construction or reconstruction of residential, commercial or industrial buildings.

Professional supervision in compliance with the legislation includes several areas:


  • Control that the construction is done in compliance with the building permit or a decision on reconstruction approval, and in compliance with building permit project or preliminary design for reconstruction and with the project for construction; and taking timely measures in case the works deviate from the ones stated in projects.
  • Control and quality inspection of all types of works, implementation of regulations, standards and technical regulations, including technical regulations which are an integral part of the standards that define mandatory technical terms and conditions that ensure undisturbed movement and approach to persons with disabilities, children and elderly.
  • Control and verification of quantities of the work done, or the degree of realized works, if this is required in the contract for the professional supervision signed by investor.
  • Inspection of documents about the quality of materials, equipment and installations that are to be built or installed in the building.
  • Inspection and quality control of work which, according to the nature and dynamics of the building construction, cannot be checked in later phases of construction, which includes works on foundation, reinforcement, formwok or insulation.
  • Giving necessary instructions to the contractor, especially in the case of deviations in construction from the project for obtaining building permit or from preliminary design for reconstruction, and construction project, as well as in the case of changes in terms of construction.
  • Regular monitoring of the dynamics of construction and of compliance with contractual terms, if that is required in the contract for technical supervision signed by the investor.
  • Solving other issues that arise during construction works.

Professional supervision is given by persons who meet the requirements as stated by law on licensed designer or the contractor, depending on the type of works that are subject to supervision.


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