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Mechanical installations

As we have completely adapted to the modern lifestyle and to the modern lifestyle techniques, mechanical systems have developed into almost the most important systems in residential and commercial buildings.


We offer all kinds of mechanical installations for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as follows:

  • HVAC installations - heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation;
  • Heating systems of all kinds;
  • Installations of compressed air systems;
  • Installations for cooling in commercial and industrial buildings.

In agreement with you, we make suggestions, design and provide all kinds of services in given area. The most important criteria in decision making are feasibility, technical and operational costs as well as the sustainability of resources in an optimal period of time. These are the preconditions that enable comfortable and harmless way of living of an end user.

Professionally, within the deadline, and respecting the legal standards, our teams can set heating installation systems be it central, radiator, wall-mounted, floor or calorifier with installation of substations, adequate heat exchangers and regulating valves. In your business or residential areas, production or storage facilities, hospitals or hotels, we can provide installation service of air condition and ventilation systems. In designing and implementing we pay attention to cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the installed system, minding your budget as well.


That is why we offer boilers on solid, gas or liquid fuels, or remote heating systems, such as heating pipelines, heating substations that use electricity, oil, natural gas, pellets and solid fuel, with automatic control and regulation of the heating and cooling system.


Increasing usable space utilization requires good air circulation or adequate ventilation and air conditioning, so that the effectiveness of people staying indoors reaches the maximum, and the service life of machines and appliances that are placed inside is optimal. Depending on the usage of a facility, we offer delivery and installation of air conditioning equipment be it fans, split systems with ceiling or wall units, or multi-split systems, cooling systems or chambers, and ventilation for residential, commercial and industrial facilities in accordance with the design documentation in compliance with all legal provisions and with maximum environmental protection. Whether it be the ventilation of underground garages, kitchens in restaurants and hotels, sanitary facilities or business premises, we offer installation of necessary equipment, making of a complete network of air ducts and supporting fire protection.

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