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Electrical installation, as a very complex area that incorporates design, production and electrical and telecommunication installations works, sound systems, lightning protection systems, fire alarms and video surveillance, can be divided into several services that we offer:


  • Electrical installations for industrial, commercial and residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, public buildings accommodating many people, shopping centers, etc.
  • Electrical installations of industrial plants, pumping stations, facilities for management of pool technology and water treatment, etc.
  • Lighting for streets, squares, buildings, halls, etc.
  • Medium and low voltage substations
  • Switchgears and distribution boards
  • Development of entire projects on a "turnkey" bases
  • Inspection and testing of electrical installations, with the report on expert findings
  • Collecting legal and technical documentation and consulting services in the field of legal and technical regulations

We offer the professional service of setting electrical installations, electrical cabinets, racks, substations, and electrical works that are essential in building new residential and industrial buildings, but are also important when adapting or renovating buildings. It is very important to carry out these works professionally, because errors may lead to undesirable consequences. If electrical installation works are not carried out properly, that can lead to burning of certain power consumers, which further leads to additional work and investment. It can also lead to faults that can cause immeasurable consequences.
Our services include planning, design and electrical installations works in buildings accommodating many people, be it industrial, commercial or residential buildings, hotels, hospitals and shopping centers, as well as facilities for specialized use, such as industrial plants, pumping stations, and facilities for management of pool technology and water treatment.

Our professionally trained staff will develop full projects, inspect and test electrical installations and report on expert findings. They will also collect legal and technical documentation and provide consulting services in the field of legal and technical regulations.

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