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Construction works

Years of experience of our professional staff on many construction sites are the best recommendation for the services that we provide in the field of building and civil engineering.


We provide following services in the mentioned areas:



  • Demolition of parts or whole buildings;
  • Construction of whole buildings and extensions;
  • Reconstruction of parts or whole buildings for adaptation purposes;
  • On-going maintenance of a building, depending on its usage.


⦁ Arranging area around buildings, parking lots, green areas and constructing of access roads.

If - in order to start new business plans related to industrial facilities - you have a need for the demolition of entire buildings or their parts, we are able to professionally meet all your requirements, providing high quality within the agreed deadline with guarantees and by using the latest technology and machinery, with respect to hygiene conditions, and protecting surrounding buildings and environment.
We have the necessary machinery for the service, staff and machinery for cleaning along with the elimination of waste made during the construction.
We can offer design and construction of completely new facilities on a "turnkey" bases with the clear aim of improving the quality of life in residential buildings, using cutting-edge technologies and highest quality materials and in compliance with all the postulates of modern living.
We also offer design and construction of optimal business or industrial facilities and renovation of the same, within agreed deadlines providing necessary technical and other supervisory staff, by using quality building materials, tools and cutting-edge machinery.
If you have a half-built building, and for whatever reason it is not finished, we can reconstruct it or its part to make it ready for its final purpose.
In addition to the said, we also provide technical maintenance depending on the type of facility to ensure its longevity and feasibility of your investments.
In the field of civil engineering, we provide arranging services, be it gardens, areas surrounding objects, bigger or smaller green areas or parking lots.

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