About us

About us

Euro Support Group is one of the leaders in construction of industrial and commercial buildings and provision of additional complementary activities in facility management, becoming a long-time and reliable partner to a number of notable foreign and local companies operating in Serbia.
A reliable backbone in providing high-profile services and continual growth, is the company operating successfully in Germany with the same programme and the same owner as of Euro Support Group.
We have a professional staff with years of experience in all the services we provide, and adequate cutting-edge equipment, tools and machinery. We offer reliable service in cleaning, sanitary maintenance and in specialized cleaning of industrial buildings of all types, as well as in cleaning of carpets and upholstery. We care about maintenance of your yard, lawns, gardens, hedges by providing landscaping and planting services.
Our professional team will at all times respond to your call for restoration and reparation of sewage systems, manholes and separators along with cleaning, unclogging, flushing and video checking of sewage pipes. We are a reliable partner in technical maintenance, as we enable undisturbed functioning of all infrastructure systems and subsystems of residential and commercial units. This kind of service is enabled by our professionally trained, competent and certified electricians, plumbers, tilers, air-conditioner repairmen, wall and other painters, construction tinsmiths, plasterers, duct installers, carpenters and locksmiths.
We offer intermittent check-up of fire protection systems, and inspection and control measuring of lightning protection systems.
The company is at your service for all construction works, full adaptation, preparation of specifications and carrying out construction works with setting up mechanical, plumbing, sewage and electrical installations.
Our design office provides design solutions and all kinds of projects for obtaining building permits, construction projects, as well as full project documentation for apartment buildings, residents, villas, manufacturing plants and warehouses. In addition to the design and construction works, we also provide the services of engineer supervision during all the phases of construction and all types of works related to residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
In providing our services we are committed to the professionalism consistent with the rules of our profession and optimizing the costs we strive to finish the work in the shortest time possible.
The quality of our business is based on recognizing the needs of clients, dynamic communication, optimal deadlines, fair prices and comprehensive customer care. We are professionals, efficient and flexible, which makes us a modern company that recognizes modern postulates of business and customer care.


The company operates in compliance with SO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standards and is devoted to implementing comprehensive quality policy in all business segments.

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